Helander Metal Spinning Company is an established leader in metal forming and fabrication, with core capabilities in metal spinning, sheet hydroforming, and machining. We leverage our 80+ years of experience and skilled team to produce durable precision parts for industrial applications. Take a look below to view all our industrial products.

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Industrial Products & Capabilities

Our team supplies original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with high-performance, metal spun, hydroformed, and machined components made from numerous materials, including:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Inconel
  • Hastelloy
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass


Air Flow Nozzles
Helander is the largest producer, worldwide, of air calibration nozzles, with dimensions that comply with most AMCA/ANSI standards. Helander air flow nozzles are available with optional caps and taps. Our bore diameters range from 0.250" to 24", with custom size capabilities.
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Filtration & Separation Components
Helander fabricates filtration and separation components.

Typical Tolerance: ±0.015"
Max Height: 36"
Max Diameter: 72”

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Floats & Float Valve Components
Helander manufactures custom high-performance float and float valve components with complex or standard geometries.

Max Diameter: 72”
Material Thickness: 0.020" to 0.250"

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HVAC Aluminum Inlets
Helander utilizes metal spinning and CNC milling & turning to generate aluminum inlets

Typical Tolerance: ±0.015"

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Industrial Pump Components
Helander fabricates custom industrial pump components in a variety of sizes, as well as, surface finishes for added resistance to corrosion.

Typical Tolerance: ±0.010"
Material Thickness: 0.022" to 0.250"

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Commercial Food Processing Gas Stove Burner Component
Ladles & Venturis
Helander manufactures custom ladles and metal venturis with options for ladle brackets and handles.

Material Thickness: 0.060" to 0.500"

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Magnetic/Rotary Pumps Components
Helander is a global leader in manufacturing magnetic drive rotary pump parts. Our pump components are hydroformed and welded, offering superior operational longevity and uniformity.

Max Height: 10"
Max Diameter: 8”
Max Material Thickness: 0.125"

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Custom Pressure Vessel Shells
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Satellite/Telecommunications Components
Helander produces high-quality satellite communication dishes and parabolic antenna reflectors for accurate communications delivery to media companies, data service providers, and government & military entities.

Typical Tolerance: ±0.020"
Max Height: 16"
Max Diameter: 80”
Max Material Thickness: 0.187"

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Soil & Concrete Testing Equipment
Soil & Concrete Testing Equipment
Helander is the largest, American, producer of steel slump cones and cone funnels. We sell exclusively to distributors in individual or bulk orders with options for standard or metric sizes.
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Tank Heads
By using spinning and hydroforming, our team produces high-quality tank heads that meet strict ASME standards for use as cylindrical tank end caps. We manufacture dished, elliptical, standard flanged, and ASME flanged tank heads of up to 72" in diameter and 10" in depth.
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Waste Storage Industry Components
Helander fabricates stainless steel components that meet the strict standards of the waste storage industry for handling high-pressure or high-temperature applications.

Typical Tolerance: ±0.020"
Max Diameter: 72”
Max Material Thickness: 0.250"

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Partner with Helander Metal Spinning Company for Industrial Components

Helander partners with OEM businesses of all sizes to provide high-quality hydroformed and metal spun components that meet the tight tolerances and specifications required for industrial applications. Contact us to learn more or request a quote