Slump Cones and Slump Cone Funnels

Helander is the largest manufacturer of steel slump cones and slump cone funnels — required for concrete testing — in the country.

With minimum order quantity requirements, Helander produces and sells only to distributors. Slump cones, available in both standard and metric sizing, may be purchased individually boxed or bulk. All slump cones are made from draw quality steel and then zinc plated for rust prevention.

Sand Cones

Our in-house team produces different sizes and types of sand cones according to standard dimensions or customer specifications. All Helander sand cones, made of prime quality brass, are sold exclusively to distributors with minimum order quantity requirements.

Specifications for Soil & Concrete Testing Equipment

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Spinning, Hydroforming, Welding, Machining

Tightest Tolerance


Material Thickness

From 0.040" Up to 0.125" thick

Product Length


Product Diameter


Cutting Method

CNC Machining & Saw Cutting

Material Used

Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Steel

Material Finish

#4 brush polish, Plating

Industry for Use

Concrete Testing, Soil Testing

Typical Volume

1pcs to 50,000 pcs

Typical Delivery Time

2 to 4 weeks

Delivery Location


Standards Met