Monel® metal is an alloy of nickel developed in 1905. It is considered a superalloy because of its high strength and corrosion resistance, and it is used in many heavy-duty and demanding applications in extreme conditions. Common industry users include aerospace, marine, oil and gas, and power production.

Helander Metal Spinning Company has worked with many metals, including Monel®, to create durable, custom-spun metal parts for over 80 years. Hydroforming, CNC machining, and welding services are also available.

Learn more about the characteristics and advantages of using Monel® for metal spinning applications.

What is Monel® Metal?

Monel® is a nickel alloy available in several compositions. In addition to nickel, Monel® material composition may include varying percentages of aluminum, carbon, iron, manganese, silicon, sulfur, or titanium depending on the characteristics and properties desired.

All Monel® alloys are stronger than steel and exhibit exceptional corrosion and acid resistance. It is generally a malleable material, though due to its hardness, it can be difficult to machine. Monel® has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and can be welded, soldered, and brazed.

The different materials in the Monel® series include:

  • Monel® 400: Excellent ductility and thermal conductivity; often chosen for marine applications
  • Monel® 401: Designed for electrical and electronics applications; suitable for GTAW welding
  • Monel® 404: Low Curie temperature and low permeability with excellent brazing characteristics
  • Monel R-405: Added sulfur increases machinability; used for machine screw and fastener products
  • Monel® K-500: Titanium and aluminum are added to create a stronger, harder material that is used in oil and gas, marine, and other extreme settings

Material Advantages

Monel® alloys offer several advantages in demanding applications, such as the aerospace industry, where it is a preferred material for components in combustion chambers, exhaust systems, turbine assemblies, and rockets. It is also used for oil well tools and equipment and marine equipment including propeller shafts.

Benefits of Monel® include:

  • Resistance to Corrosion: Monel® offers high corrosion resistance, capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to alkalis and acids, and outperforming stainless steel.
  • Weldability: Monel® is easy to weld and solder.
  • Formability: Monel® can be formed into various shapes, including spun components.
  • Temperature Resistance: Monel® maintains its strength under a range of temperatures including low and high extremes.

Monel® for Metal Spinning with Helander

At Helander, we specialize in metal spinning, a metal forming operation in which a flat disc or tube of metal is spun around an axis and pressed against a central tool called a mandrel. As the metal is pressed, it takes on the desired shape, which may include:

  • Cone
  • Parabola
  • Toroidal/donut
  • Hemisphere/dome
  • Venturi/hourglass
  • Lidded cylinder

Monel® is one of many metals that can be used for spinning processes. Components for aerospace applications like dome deflectors, bearing housings, nozzles, and other parts used in high-temperature or corrosive environments can be spun with high-performance metals like Monel®.

Helander can spin metal components up to a maximum of 60 inches in height and 100 inches in diameter, with metal thicknesses from 0.018 inches up to 1 inch or more. Manual, hydraulic-assist, and CNC spinning are all available.

Monel® Products From Helander

Monel® offers superior strength, corrosion resistance, and good performance across a range of temperatures, making it an ideal metal for demanding applications in the aerospace, marine, oil and gas, and electronics industries. At Helander, we can create custom spun metal components from high-performance materials like Monel® and others to meet your requirements. Hydroforming, CNC machining, welding, and metal polishing services are also available.

Contact us to learn more about Monel® for metal spinning, or request a quote for your next project.