Medical Equipment

Helander is a top quality fabricator of medical imaging housings and components for laboratory equipment. Our capabilities enable us to meet the precise specifications that our clients require.

In addition to exceeding our clients’ standards, we continually strive to uphold our own demanding expectations for high-quality components and services.

By employing a combination of superior hydroforming, metal spinning, welding, and machining processes, we produce components with precise details and improved physical attributes.

Metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and steel are formed into parts with material thicknesses of 0.018” to 0.375” and we have the ability to hold tolerances to +/-0.003”. Our team can easily accommodate orders ranging from prototypes up to 5,000 piece orders.

These components meet all regulatory standards and are suitable for patient use in offices, hospitals, and labs. We provide a superior fabricating service for components that are integral parts of high-tech medical and laboratory equipment.

To learn more about our medical imaging housing products and how we can assist you, please contact Helander today.

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Specifications for Medical Imaging Housing and Components

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Hydroforming, Spinning, Welding, Machining

Tightest Tolerance


Material Thickness

0.018" to 0.375"

Cutting Method

CNC Turning & Milling

Material Used

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel

Industry for Use


Typical Volume

1pcs to 5000pcs

Typical Delivery Time

4 to 12 weeks

Delivery Location


Typical Tooling Cost

$1500.00 to $10000.00