Most vessels require durable, high-quality tank heads that meet strict industry standards to ensure optimal safety and performance. At Helander, we have been a leading provider of precision metal parts for over 80 years. With our hydroforming and metal spinning capabilities, we can offer robust and high-quality tank custom tank heads that meet exacting specifications.

What Are Tank Heads?

Tank heads are used as end caps on cylindrical tanks such as driving cylinders, distillation towers, reactors, gas storage tanks, and more. Because of the high pressure levels they’re subjected to, tank heads must be ASME-compliant and built to meet extremely rigid specifications to guarantee the safety of nearby people and equipment.

Tank heads can be found on vessels used across a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, chemical, food & beverage, cryogenics, and manufacturing. These industries often work with volatile or hazardous materials; therefore, tank heads must be manufactured to withstand exposure to harsh conditions. To ensure the integrity of both the tank and the tank head, tanks heads are often heat-treated, constructed with durable stainless steel, and feature protective coatings.

Tanks heads can also be designed and constructed with specialized features to meet the needs of unique applications. Cryogenic tank heads, for example, are built to handle extremely low temperatures, while tanks with explosive contents will have additional safety features.

Types of Tank Heads

There are different types of tank heads that are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of various applications. These include:

ASME Flanged

ASME tank heads meet or exceed the regulatory standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). They are often matched with ASME-regulated stainless steel tanks. All flanged tank heads have a flanged edge or knuckle radius that aligns with the cylindrical shape of the main tank body.

Standard Flanged

Standard flanged tank heads have a smaller knuckle radius than most ASME flanged heads. They have a simple construction that allows for easy factory and field use, and they’re a budget-friendly alternative to ASME tank heads.


Most tank heads are distinguished by the size of their dish radius or knuckle radius. However, elliptical heads are categorized based on their shape. These heads have a deeper dome shape and can allow for more volume. Elliptical tank heads are also ASME compliant for safety and overall product quality.


Dished tank heads don’t have the flanged component around the circumference of the tank head. They’re commonly used for storage tank roofs, pressure vessel reinforcement, and vacuum chambers.

Custom Tank Head Manufacturing

At Helander, we offer custom tank head manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of various industries and applications. We employ advanced hydroforming and metal spinning processes to produce tank heads up to 15’’ in diameter and 10’’ in depth. For applications requiring larger tank heads, we can produce tank heads up to 72’’ in diameter with different thickness capabilities based on the type of metal:

  • Aluminum: 0.625″
  • Stainless steel: 0.250″
  • Steel: 0.375″

Contact Helander for Custom Tank Head Manufacturing

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