At Helander, our powerful 80″ diameter spinning lathe provides a bridge between modern technology and one of the oldest metalworking crafts. By combining advanced CNC controls with high speed production and low tooling costs, it gives us the ability to provide a competitive alternative to the deep draw stamping process.

CNC Spinning

As a world leader in the development of machine tools for chipless metal forming, Leifeld manufactures equipment that pushes the boundaries of metal spinning technology. Incorporating well-proven, insightful, and innovative machine design concepts, our PNC 120 series metal spinning lathe distinguishes itself in terms of stability, flexibility, and its easy, convenient handling for operators.

Solidly designed and weighing up to 22 tons, vibration-absorbing cast iron parts, such as the headstock and cross supports, provide a highly rigid support structure that allows productive speeds and smooth, deflection-free motion of the rotating rollers. This high stiffness, combined with extremely low-friction guides for stick-slip-free feeding, create the ideal conditions for manufacturing precision, tight-tolerance components with outstanding dimensional accuracy and exceptional repeatability.

Our CNC Spinning Machines are equipped with a cutting-edge, richly-featured control system that is operator friendly and provides a straightforward path through process preparation and programming. Software tools facilitate import of tool contours from CAD systems, and the CNC programs can be checked and validated through 2D simulations. A “teach” sequence, programmed directly at the machine, stores the initial forming movements and control commands while the operator is manually forming the first workpiece. Playback control reproduces the motions while increasing the spindle and forming speeds to the maximum permissible level to tighten cycle times and accelerate throughout.

Serving as an ideal base for the manufacture of small, medium, or large batch sizes, this lathe has an outstanding range of flexibility. Equipped to handle blanks with dimensions of up to 2,000 mm in diameter, its longitudinal slide travel of 1,000 mm and traverse slide travel of 500 mm enable us to manufacture both small and large-scale components with extreme agility. Through tight control over radial and axial compressive forces, we are able to form complex curves, tight contours, and complicated profiles while achieving superior surface quality, even on thin-walled components.

This machine is a true metal spinning and metal forming “workhorse” which is one of our most valued assets. In addition to being reliable, highly productive, and easy to operate and maintain, it features optimized hydraulics and an energy efficient drive system that substantially reduces operating costs. The skills and commitment to excellence of our metalworking craftsmen enable us to derive maximum benefit from it high-performance attributes.


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