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Advantages of Metal Spinning in the Aerospace Industry

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Parts and products for the aerospace sector require the utmost precision to ensure reliable performance under challenging conditions in mission-critical applications. At Helander Metal Spinning Company, we have over 80 years of experience providing high-quality custom metal spinning, fabrication, and finishing services for diverse commercial and industrial markets, partnering with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. We support clients in the aerospace industry through our commitment to quality and close adherence to customers’ exacting part specifications. Learn more about our metal spinning services and the benefits they can provide for your next aerospace project.

What Is Metal Spinning?

Metal spinning is a metalworking technique that manufacturers use to create symmetrical components in a round, conical, or toroidal shape. Unlike subtractive machining, metal spinning uses pressure to transform a flat, circular disc or tube blank into a part with axial symmetry. The process starts with a lathe spinning the blank at high speeds. Then a roller tool that’s set against the blank’s surface, along with a mandrel offering workpiece support, apply sufficient lateral force that the metal blank ultimately takes on the desired shape.

Metal spinning can be a hot or cold process. Depending on the design intricacy of your part and the required volume for your aerospace project, we can use automated computer numerical control (CNC) machines, hydraulic-assist equipment, or manual hand spinning techniques.

Advantages of Metal Spinning in the Aerospace Industry

Also known as spin forming, metal spinning is capable of quickly creating high product volumes without sacrificing quality. These and other advantages make the process a good fit for aerospace organizations, offering:

  • Components With an Optimal Strength-to-Weight Ratio. This industry requires metal aerospace parts that are lightweight enough to provide maximal fuel efficiency while still delivering high structural integrity. This is because air- and spacecraft equipment is regularly exposed to fluctuating temperatures and pressures, weather conditions, turbulence, and more. Metal spinning companies use this production technique to shape metal blanks into thin, light, yet supremely strong parts that can withstand harsh environments and provide reliable operation.
  • Diverse and complex designs. Metal spinning offers you the flexibility to create accurate, custom products like specialty parts or components with unique dimensions or designs. The process is effective for producing anything from engine parts and fuel tanks to housings and shields.
  • Tighter turn times. Automated metal spinning processes are extremely efficient, generating high-quality, uniform parts without making mistakes or needing breaks. As a result, metal spinning can produce high-volume orders within a short period to meet tight aerospace project deadlines.
  • Cost savings in tooling, labor, and materials. Metal spinning utilizes lower-cost tooling, and the incorporation of automation in the process can save you money by increasing throughput while reducing labor costs and material use.
  • Sustainable production. As metal spinning shapes a workpiece without cutting away excess material, there’s much less waste generation than in subtractive manufacturing methods. Your organization can get more use out of every metal order, enhancing material efficiency and sustainability while reducing costs.

By capitalizing on the benefits of metal spinning, aerospace companies can develop and create high-strength, intricate parts and trim their production budget. Metal spinning allows you to achieve optimal quality and performance in your products while still reducing errors, costs, and turn times to decrease your time to market.

Partner With Helander Metal Spinning Company for High-Quality Aerospace Solutions

Versatile metal spinning allows manufacturers to form sizable, quality components with uniformity and precision. Since 1936, Helander has been a one-stop shop for all your metal spinning, fabrication, and finishing needs. Aerospace and defense are two of our core markets, and we can deliver close-tolerance, cost-effective components with tight turnaround times.

In various metals and material thicknesses, we can produce parts up to 100 inches in diameter, 60 inches high, and holding tolerances of ±0.001 inches. Common components our team creates for these industries include liners, shields, dome deflectors, nozzles, manifolds, housings, and more.

As an ISO 9001:2015- and AS9100D-certified, ITAR-registered, and NADCAP-accredited business, Helander has the extensive experience, knowledge, and well-equipped facilities to provide optimal solutions for myriad aerospace projects. Contact us to learn more about our aerospace metal fabrication and spinning capabilities, or request a quote today to get started.