What Is Metal Spinning?

AdobeStock_309675261Metal spinning, sometimes referred to as spin forming, is a machining technique that creates axially symmetrical parts from metal tubes or discs. This process works by rotating the metal workpiece, forming it to a mandrel. Once clamped to a vertical or horizontal lathe, the force and rotation will shape the workpiece into a cone, tube, toroid, or other rounded shape. 

This process accommodates a wide range of materials, as it can be performed either hot or cold. It is also possible to perform metal spinning both manually and automatically, depending on the necessary volume of production. While metal spinning is well-suited for a variety of industries, it is particularly advantageous for crafting cookware.

How Is Metal Spinning Used to Create Cookware?

To create custom cookware through the use of metal spinning, the manufacturer will begin by placing a piece of sheet metal against a mandrel, with a tailstock holding it securely in place. The manufacturer will then begin rapidly spinning and applying force to the workpiece. This will result in a rounded, axially symmetrical final piece of cookware.

Benefits of Metal Spinning for High End Commercial Cookware

Metal spinning is highly versatile and practical, making it an ideal choice for high end commercial cookware. The following are a few of the biggest advantages of this process.


Compared to alternative design options such as stamping and tooling, metal spinning is a highly affordable process. The manufacturer can choose the optimal material based on the project’s budget and the desired properties of the cookware. Spinning tools are also more budget-friendly than tools required for other forming methods, and create significantly less material waste.

Easy Design Alteration

Metal spinning offers the ability to make parts seamless which eliminates welds and seams that can become food traps. . This makes it easy for manufacturers to create clean seamless cookware products.. There is no need to create new molds or dies for each new design; changing metal spinning tools is a straightforward process, giving manufacturers immense design flexibility.


The main efficiency of metal spinning is that it is chipless forming.  That means we do not waste material, we can size the blanks in order to minimize machining and the scrap metal that comes with it.

Easy Creation of Symmetrical Parts

Cookware is often symmetrical, and is thus a good fit for the metal spinning process, which naturally creates rounded, symmetrical products. Metal spinning is particularly ideal for creating the following shapes:

  • Bowls
  • Pans
  • Conical lids
  • Round cook- tops

Easy Creation of Seamless Parts

This process creates parts without seams. While this is beneficial in many types of products, it is particularly ideal for cookware. Seamless products are incredibly strong, and are able to withstand higher internal and external pressures than products with seams. This added strength from the manufacturing process means that the final product can be made from a more lightweight material without sacrificing performance or durability.

Polishing (Post-Spinning)

An additional consideration when creating commercial cookware is the fact that the FDA requires all cookware to be polished. This helps ensure consumer safety, as it prevents debris and food residue from building up on the surface of the metal. Eliminating cracks and other imperfections is an important hygienic step. Additionally, polishing the cookware after metal spinning is excellent for aesthetic appeal, as it creates a smooth and attractive finish.

Metal Spinning at Helander Metal

At Helander Metal, our experts work closely with you to create custom cookware tailored to your exact specifications. We are able to accommodate a wide array of material thicknesses and part sizes. Our machinery can work with parts up to 100 inches in diameter, as well as 60 inches between centers.

Metal spinning offers rapid turnaround times and affordable costs, and is ideally suited to create strong, lightweight cookware that meets FDA guidelines. To learn more about our metal spinning capabilities, contact us or request your quote today.

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