Custom fabrication is a way of life at Helander. We’re all about making the exact pieces that our customers need, rather than a whole catalog of generic one-size-(never)-fits-all items. Our custom tank heads are a perfect example of this commitment to all that is custom. A tank head is the cover that you see on everything from milk and gas trucks to small water filtration vessels. It’s what keeps the liquid in the tank; the last line of defense, if you will. With such a ubiquitous product, there are lots of companies out there who make tank heads. You can buy them off the shelf by the truckful, but there is a major difference between our tank heads and theirs.

First off, when Helander makes a custom tank head, you know it’s going to fit. You provide us with the exact measurements, and you get the perfect fit every time.  Another big difference is quality of materials. Stock tank heads are usually made with low quality steel. Our tank heads can be made in any grade of steel, as well as stainless steel, and even aluminum. By going with a custom tank head from Helander, you are not only getting the perfect fit, but also the best material for your tank and product.

It’s this level of flexibility and customization that makes our tank heads and all our other products so much better than anything you can get from a catalog, or off the shelf.


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