CNC Metal Spinning Services & Tooling

At Helander Metal Spinning Company, we use advanced CNC, power assisted, and manual forming to create custom spun metal components. We can spin parts up to 36 inches between centers. Our machinery can handle a material thickness of up to 0.250 of an inch for stainless steel, 0.375 of an inch for carbon steel, and 0.750 of an inch in aluminum to create parts that measure up to 100 inches in diameter. We also offer in-house tooling.

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Our services adhere to strict high industry standards. Our spun metal has found applications ranging from decorative to medical parts in both small and large sizes and production volumes.

Introduction to Metal Spinning

Metal spinning is also known as spin forming. It is a process where a tube or a disc of metal is rotated at a high speedĀ and transformed into an axially symmetrical object. This is usually done using a vertical or horizontal lathe. This process can be performed using CNC, hydraulic power, or by hand.

Applications of Spun Metal

Spun metal is used to create round metal parts. This has many commercial applications, such as the creation of decorative and architectural parts. Apart from this, spun metal is also used in machinery parts, cookware, gas cylinders, and brass instruments.

Metal spinning can be performed on any ductile metal, such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and carbon steel. The diameter and the depth of this spun metal can be of various sizes. The advantages include the ability to seamlessly create objects by using a single piece of material and low-cost tooling in respect to alternative forming methods.

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Metal Thickness

Up to 0.250" Stainless Steel
Up to 0.375" Carbon Steel
Up to 0.750" Aluminum

Typical Tolerance

+/- 0.030"

Max Height


Part Diameter

Max 100"

In-House Capabilities

Manual (Hand Spinning)
CNC Spinning
Double Roller Shear forming
Tube End Closing (Hot Spinning)

Typical Volume

1 to 50,000

Typical Delivery Time

4-12 weeks

Delivery Location