Helander produces high-quality and robust tank heads with tight tolerances through sheet hydroforming and metal spinning. We have mastered the science of manufacturing custom tank heads based on exacting specifications.

Tank Heads That Spell Perfection

Any vessel that is used as a tank needs to be fitted with a durable and sturdy tank head, which can be produced in elliptical, curved, circular, or other shapes. It is vital to ensure that these tank heads offer a secure fit either through riveting or welding and do not deform under pressure.

Helander uses advanced hydroforming tools and techniques to produce tank heads that require a diameter of up to fifteen inches and a depth of up to ten inches. For larger tank heads, our team can produce up to seventy-two inch diameter tank heads with a metal thickness of 0.625” thick aluminum, 0.375” steel, and 0.250” thick stainless steel.

Industry Experts in Custom Tank Head Manufacturing

At Helander, we are proud to produce custom tank heads that meet high industry standards and exceed customer expectations. Read more about our sheet hydroforming and metal spinning capabilities or contact us to learn more about our flexible tank head services.

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