Metal spinning is often the ideal choice for forming parts, offering the ability to produce quality, uniform products out of a range of materials. Not only does it work well with traditional metals and alloys, but with exotic metals as well.

Inconel is one such exotic metal that can be used optimally in metal spinning. For certain applications and industries, Inconel can be challenging to form in other ways, but metal spinning experts can make high-quality, high-strength Inconel parts with this method.

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Material Specifics

Inconel is a nickel alloy containing iron and chromium, with chromium having the highest composition percentage; it is also known as high-strength steel. There are multiple series of Inconels, each having different characteristics and compositions. The right Inconel depends on the specific application.

Material Characteristics

While types and compositions vary, Inconel is widely known for its high strength, superior corrosion and oxidation resistance, and its durability to high heat and pressure environments – Inconel is often the most ideal choice for applications in harsher locations.

Inconel will generally be able to withstand exposure to caustic corrosion, stress corrosion, or aqueous corrosion. It is often used for aerospace and chemical applications.

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Metal Spinning and Inconel

Metal spinning of Inconel is challenging, given the nature of the material, but far from impossible for skilled operators. Even complex shapes and parts can be flawlessly spun using Inconel, producing high-strength products that will endure almost temperature condition.

Helander can spin a wide variety of parts and products from Inconel, employing experts and leaders in metal spinning of exotic materials.