Metal Components

Helander is pleased to manufacture components for the oil and agriculture industries. Using our superior metal spinning and hydroforming processes, we work with several different metal types and grades. Our material thickness ranges from 0.018” of an inch to 0.250” of an inch in stainless steel. We use CNC machining as our primary cutting method, and hold tolerances down to +/- 0.010 of an inch. In addition, we offer material finishes ranging from 2B to a #4 brush finish. For more information about metal spinning services, please contact Helander.

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Specifications for Oil Drilling Components

Capabilities Applied/Processes


Typical Tolerance


Material Thickness

up to 0.250"

Product Length

up to 36"

Product Diameter

up to 80"

Product Family

17 pieces per set

Surface Roughness

63 Ra

Cutting Method

CNC Machining

Material Used

304/316/321 Stainless Steel

Material Finish

2B to #4 brush finish

Industry for Use

Oil & Agriculture

Typical Volume

5 to 5000 pcs

Typical Delivery Time

4 to 12 weeks

Delivery Location


Typical Tooling Cost

$1,500.00 to $10,000.00