CNC milling leverages computerized controls and rotating multipoint cutting tools to shave materials from a workpiece and produce a desired part or product. The movement of the cutting tool is controlled by computer instructions, which guarantee repeatability and extreme precision. 

Helander has been providing many Fortune 500 companies and small businesses with top-notch forming and fabricating solutions for over 80 years. We combine our experience, advanced machinery, and highly skilled technicians to provide high-quality CNC milling solutions tailor-made for your specific needs and budgets.

This web page will focus on the unique features, benefits, machines, and common types of CNC milling.

CNC Milling Services

At Helander, we use new automation to enhance scalability and speed in our milling solutions. High-tech 4 and 5 axis CNC machines perform all our cutting services. These machines are programmed with high-precision drills that produce accurate and repeatable custom designs, requiring minimal work from the operator. Our largest CNC mill has a 40-by-40-by-40-inch work envelope.

All our equipment supports a +/-0.001-inch tolerance. In addition to CNC milling, Helander also offers CNC turning, hydroforming, abrasive polishing, metal spinning, and welding.

Some of the industries and applications that our CNC milling solutions serve are medical, aerospace, transportation, oil and gas, military and defense, electronics, marine, metal fabrication, and packaging.

Advantages of CNC Milling

Compared to traditional machining, CNC machining centers offer high-speed, high-accuracy, and high-productivity milling, drilling, and tapping. Because it is computer-controlled, CNC milling produces consistently accurate and reliable results that cannot be created manually. Some of the unique benefits of our CNC milling solutions include:

  • Easy implementation of complex projects: CNC milling allows efficient implementation of intricate designs, patterns, and details that would not be possible with conventional machining.
  • Unmatched precision and accuracy: We utilize the latest CNC machining tools and technologies to produce even the most irregular shapes with a high level of precision and quality.
  • Increased productivity: CNC machines can typically work 24/7. Depending on the application, our technicians can adjust the speed of equipment to boost production.

Machine Tools Used for Milling

There are several types of CNC milling tools designed for specific functions. For example, solid end mills have a variety of applications, such as creating molds or textured edges. Exchangeable milling heads allow for additional versatility, as they can be switched out quickly depending on the application. 

A wide selection of tooling for Milling allows for a variety of machining processes such as drilling, boring, thread milling, tapping, counterboring, countersinking, profiling & reaming.

Start Your CNC Milling Project

The accuracy and cost-effectiveness of CNC milling make it an easy choice when creating parts with tight tolerances and fast turnaround times. Given the range of tools and types of CNC machining, these machines can produce projects for multiple industries, including medical, transportation, aerospace, and defense.

Helander can produce high-quality products for all your metal spinning, hydroforming, welding, machining, and polishing needs. We provide custom CNC milling solutions guaranteed to surpass the strictest, most complex requirements. If you have any questions regarding our capabilities, products, and services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.