Q: Why should I choose Helander as my supplier?

A: Helander has a skilled and reliable workforce. With our two locations within 100 feet of one another, we are able to maximize efforts. Our experienced team of engineers are committed to successful execution and production of your design. Helander has cumulative experience of 80+ years in the Spinning industry. We use the best quality materials and pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible. On most inquiries, there is a 24 hour turnaround.

Q: Does Helander have a pre-existing tool for my part, or is a new tool required?

A: We are a custom manufacturer, so there are specific tools made for each part. Yes, you need a new tool for a new part. Helander designs and manufactures all of the tooling needed. The tool would be owned by you (the customer) and stored at Helander for your future orders. Contact us for more information.

Q: Does Helander provide secondary operations/processes such as machining, milling, and polishing?

A: Yes, we do provide machining, abrasive polishing, welding, and other services in-house.

Q: Will I get a sample of my part?

A: Yes, we require samples to be made for all new parts during the development process. Providing a sample allows us to test out the processes that we think will be required to form a part. This is the trial and error phase so we can be sure we are providing you with the best solution. The sample is sent to the customer for approval, and then once approved, we are able to move forward with the production run. Requiring a sample to be created reduces risk of the product not being exactly what is needed for the project. The sample fee is included in the quote you receive.

Q: What’s the difference between metal spinning and hydroforming? Which process is better for my project?

A: This depends on the specifications needed/the type of part, the tolerances and thicknesses that are required, as well as the application of the part and the total quantity needed. Submitting an RFQ to Helander will get this question answered for you!

Q: What are the capabilities for Spinning?

A: Feel free to check out our metal spinning services page for more information!

Q: Can I set-up a stocking and/or Long Term Agreement with Helander?

A: Yes, absolutely! You can establish both a stocking agreement and/or a Long Term Agreement with us. Please reach out to our Sales team for more information.

Q: Do you provide COC’s and other certifications?

A: Yes, certificates are available upon request. Please reach out to our Sales team for more information.

Don’t see your question on the list? Please Contact Us so we can answer it for you!

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