While metal stamping has been the conventional method of choice for metal forming, there is little doubt today that hydroforming is the definitive future of metal forming. We provide hydroforming solutions that quite literally ‘stamp out’ all the drawbacks associated with the metal stamping process.

At Helander, we use a mix of hydroforming and metal spinning processes to produce structurally strong, tight tolerance components for industries such as: commercial food equipment, industrial machinery, industrial pumps, metal furniture, aerospace and defense, waste storage industry, HVAC industry and many more.

Hydroforming vs. Sheet Metal Stamping

Sheet Metal Stamping Hydroforming
Tooling costs Set-up costs are high and often repetitive One-time tooling costs
Production quantities Often economically unfeasible for short runs or prototyping Suitable and cost-effective for short, medium, and large production runs
Process costs Costs for short runs are incredibly high, only dropping as the production quantity increases Tooling,set-up, and development costs could be up to 80% lower
Finished product quality Thinning or stretching could affect the desired tolerance and look of the component, making secondary finishing operations necessary High quality of finished product reduces the need for secondary finishing operations. Parts also show better structural strength
Flexibility Design changes are not easily possible once tooling has been created Hydroforming offers higher versatility in regard to design changes
Material wastage Even with close nesting, percentage of material wastage is high Hydroforming produces very little or no scrap. Material wastage can go down by 50% to 70%
Lead times Lead times are much longer, stretching up to several weeks for intricate part production Surprisingly short lead times, even for large-scale production

Helander customarily works with OEMs and contract manufacturers. We also partner with metal stamping companies to honor their short production run requirements. To learn more about our capabilities, please visit our metal spinning and hydroforming pages.

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