To our valued business partners:

Helander is an essential business and will remain in operation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are committed to taking all steps necessary to ensure we remain at full capacity during this unprecedented time.

Below are a few examples of our preparedness and commitment to ensure employee safety and business efficiency:

  • Temperature Checks—All employees’ temperatures are taken at the start of the work day. Employees with a high temperature (per CDC’s guidelines) will be sent home immediately.
  • Hazmat Suits Preparedness—In the unfortunate event that an employee should fall sick, we are fully equipped with Hazmat suits for all employees, which will be reused (liners can be washed). This is an effort to preserve Hazmat suits and other vital equipment for the medical teams across the country.
  • Social Distancing—Our office staff is working remote to promote social distancing. Our shop team eats their lunch/takes their breaks in their cars, in order to promote safety and social distancing.
  • Fully Operational Remote Team—Although our office staff is remote, they are fully equipped with technology to be able to take care of all your needs and remain fully operational from their home. Our office team is fully responsive via email, so please use email as communication. Department heads/contact information is listed below.
  • Essential Business—We have documentation to provide to state and local authorities to ensure our facility and employees are allowed to continue to function through any quarantine that is imposed as we are manufacturing components that will be utilized in the fight against the virus, making us essential during this time.

Remote Office Team Contact Information:
Alexis Gaul (Design Engineer):
Angelika Pardol (Office Administrator/Shipping):
Bharti Patel (Accounting/HR):
Daniela Restad (Business Development Manager): (For updates on your orders, please contact Daniela Restad).
Jeanne Yasmine (Estimating):
Sudeep Davis Raavi (Sr. Design Engineer):
Veronica Pemberton (Purchasing):

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We believe this is a team effort and encourage our customers and vendors to take similar safety precautions with their teams. Together, we can do our part to ensure safety and stop the spread of COVID-19.