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Hydroforming Services at Helander Metal Spinning Co

What is Hydroforming?

Hydroforming is a quick, efficient, and reasonably priced metal forming technique that produces structurally strong components with minimum material wastage. It is the preferred technique for shaping intricate components from ductile metals. These qualities not only differentiate it from other metal forming techniques, but also make it a smarter alternative to the conventional methods such as stamping, and stamping and welding.

How is Hydroforming Different?

The uniqueness of this metal forming method lies in the fact that it makes use of pressurized hydraulic fluids to form metal components. As part of this process, a flat metal disc is placed on to a mechanically driven mandrel. The hydraulic oil or fluid is pumped into the chamber behind a rubber diaphragm that is the counter pressure to the rising mandrel. This causes the metal to draw until it takes the shape of the mandrel. The metal can then be removed from the mandrel in its formed condition.

The need for secondary finishing operations is minimum. Both convex and concave shapes can be attained using this metal forming method.

Is Hydroforming for You?

If you are looking at procuring high-quality metal components to exacting specifications at reasonable costs, then this metal forming technique is perfectly geared to your needs.

At Helander Metal Spinning Company, we customarily work with industries such as: commercial food equipment, metal furniture components, parts and components for the nuclear industry, wheel rims, hot rod components, HVAC components, medical equipment, streets and sanitation, defense and aerospace, satellite communications, and much more. Hydroforming is commonly used to shape metals such as carbon steel, copper, aluminum, brass and stainless steel.

To learn how we can help you with your next project, please speak with one of our trained Helander representatives at 630.268.9292 or email us at sales@helandermetal.com

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Hydroformed Pure Nickel Component18gage 95% pure nickel component 1” X 2” x 1” height.
Aluminum rectangularAluminum rectangular part formed on a hydroform press. 2” wide X 5” long X 4” height x 0.080” 6061 aluminum.
Alumin chromote6061 Aluminum, chromate conversion anodize finish. Custom cover for a military motor. 5.00” diameter x 6.50” height x 0.040” thick aluminum formed using hydroforming.
earthmoving equipmentComponent for earth moving equipment found on farms and in industry. 7.00” diameter X 3.75” height X 14 gage steel.
Hydroforming Copper floatCopper float made by hydroforming 0.030” thick 2” diameter X 4” height.
16ga 1008 steel16ga 1008 steel formed using hydroforming, 9.25” diameter X 0.375” height.
Gold AnodizedGold Anodized 0.040” Aluminum, electrical housing, three piece assembly. 3.00” diameter X 4.00” height.
Deep Drawing Aluminum Cap0.090 thick 3003 aluminum cap 8” diameter X 4” height, with black powder coat.
Helander Hydroforming304L s/s 7” tall X 4” diameter x 0.125” thick. Made with a combination of metal spinning, hydroforming and machining.
Pump cylinder housing16 gage 304 s/s 5” diameter X 6” tall. Pump cylinder housing. Hydroforming is the main process.
Deep Drawn end capASME 2:1 end cap for water filtration industry, family of parts ranging from 8” to 12” diameter X 13ga 316 s/s.
Hydroformed PartsVariety of parts that were hydroformed at Helander Metal Spinning Company.

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Specification for Hydroforming

Max Part Diameter 20.00"
Max Part Height 9.00"
Part Thickness 0.030" to 0.250"
Typical Metal Types Stainless Steel (300 & 400 series)
Carbon Steels
Aluminum (1100,3003,5052,6061,2024,7075)

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